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Okay, here’s the thing: 40% of container transport on land is empty. At sea it’s 20%. Hundreds of Megatons of CO₂ emissions and 25Bn Euro in cost are wasted. This form of global inefficiency has to stop. Right now.

We at 4FOLD reduce empty transport in the most significant way. With a foldable container that saves up to 37% in costs and CO₂.

We are calling all shippers and shipping lines to take responsibility and start saving CO with 4FOLD now

inconvenient facts


Without action the shipping industry will account for 10% of the global CO₂ emissions in 2050. This is much higher than the CO₂ target under the Paris agreement.

1 Gt CO₂

Shipping containers leads up to 1 Gigaton of CO₂ emissions every year. Equal to the total size of the total EU’s transport footprint.


More than 200M empty container movements across the globe provide a waste of more than 200 Mton CO₂, $25 Billion transport cost and 30 M₂ depot space.

this is how
it works

Yes. It’s that simple.

Introducing: The major footprint reducer

It’s true, all the big shipping lines and shippers have seen the full potential of our foldable containers. Cutting out inefficiency in the supply chain and hitting corporate sustainability goals as well.

It’s time for you to take responsibility. By making sure we no longer ship empty containers at the expense of customers, society and our planet. Join the movement!

Our Proven Technology

The first certified foldable 40Ft HC container in the world

Join us and start saving Co₂ now

Together we can! We are here to reduce your footprint and help you reach your emission targets while saving cost as well. With 4FOLD, you can achieve CO₂ savings now and you don’t have to wait for years to come. Let us explain how we do this.

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Together we make impact

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