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Imagine the possibilities. Our foldable shipping containers create more room on vessels, docks, trains and trucks. Saving space resulting in up to 37% CO₂ emissions and cost on vessels, on road transport, in terminals and on depots.

If a container needs to be transported empty, we fold it in a fast, safe and easy way to a quarter of its volume. It only takes us up to 10 minutes to fold it. Four folded containers become one interconnected bundle that is handled like one container.

The 4FOLD movement:
stepping into success

Imagine the possibilities of attacking the hundreds of Megatons of CO₂ gas that is wasted by container transport every year. Let us help you to ship more efficiently and sustainably. This is what we can do for you:

Step 1

Let’s sit down together and inquire your saving opportunities and sustainability goals. You too will benefit from our extensive experience and expertise in sustainable supply chain innovation. We’ll advise you on which shipping routes you can save cost and reduce emissions significantly.

Step 2

Together we’ll carefully select the shipping line we want to start the designated route with. We are trusted by most major shipping lines and will facilitate the complete selection process.

Step 3

Along with the shipping line of choice we’ll appoint the folding and unfolding locations. We retain a range of over 60 folding locations around the world, so for us this is business as usual.

Step 4

You’ll strike a deal with the appointed shipping line, while having a good view of all cost savings. Most likely the shipping line will lease or buy the 4FOLD containers. Of course, we can facilitate meetings if necessary.

Step 5

We’ll arrange and prepare all folding locations (depots) along the route and implement the maintenance and repair processes. We have been doing this since 2014, so this is routine for us.

Step 6

Off we go. While you are on your way saving CO₂, we’ll make sure that our containers are in great shape and all folding and unfolding goes properly. Day in, day out. You can take our word for it!

Proud to be
qualified and patented

We are proud to say that the 4FOLD is the first fully ISO and CSC certified foldable 40Ft HC container. This means we meet the quality standards of the major shipping lines, terminals and rail and trucking companies. 

Our foldable container behaves like a normal 40Ft HC container. It’s strong, safe, just like any other. Certifications have been performed by Korean Register (KR), American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), DEKRA, Lloyd’s Register (LR) and the China Classification Society (CCS).

4FOLD has also been approved by UIC (International Union of Railways) and the Association of American Railways (AAR).

Tested and used time and time again

Numerous major shipping lines, shippers and logistics companies have recently used and tested the 4FOLD. That means we’ve been able to optimize our processes according to industry standards and now we’re ready to scale-up massively.

The proof is in the patents

The 4FOLD holds more than 10 patent families in various territories in the world. Proof of our dedication to long term sustainable supply chain innovation. Providing a unique and highly efficient and sustainable transport solution, ready to change the world. 

An award winning
Game changer

You bet we are proud of the recognition, which all following awards and listings represent.

The Eco Performance Award

Awarded to HCI as a Special Innovation Award for the 4FOLD. Their statement: “HCI is able to unite both ecological and economic considerations in the product.” The founders of this prestigious prize are DKV, Knorr- Bremse and the University St. Gallen in Switzerland.

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European  Union

4FOLD was awarded with a multi-million grant from the SME instrument of the European innovation program Horizon 2020 to catalyse the market introduction of the containers.

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Social  enligthenmentz

​Enlightenmentz has the purpose of changing the mindset of people and companies based on sustainable innovations. 4FOLD is awarded as the innovation that inspires people and companies to become more sustainable. 

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Topsector Logistiek

​The Dutch Topsector Logistiek rewarded 4FOLD for the efficiency foldable containers bring to the repositioning of empty containers on the European hinterland.

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​4FOLD has been listed as an energy saving business asset on the Energy list 2019 of the Dutch tax authority (EIA). The EIA means that for an investment in the 4FOLD Foldable Container, 45% of the investment may be deducted from the fiscal profit, resulting in a lower company tax. 

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European Business Awards

​Holland Container Innovations received the European Business Award 2015/2016, titled the Dutch National Champion. HCI got the prize out of 30.000 entries.

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Innovations transport awards

​HCI has won the European Innovations Transport Award. The jury highlighted the significant potential offered by this innovation for “improving efficiency within the most prevalent freight movement mode globally”, both for the transport and the storage of containers.

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