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Holland Container Innovations (HCI) is the proud developer of the 4FOLD foldable container. Our business started in 2008 as a spinoff from the Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands.

After 5 years of dedicated development, we managed to build the world’s first fully ISO and CSC certified foldable container that helps shippers and shipping lines implement real supply chain innovation.

How it


HCI was founded as a spinoff from the Dutch Delft University of Technology.


Reaching 5 years of dedicated development, HCI managed to build the world’s first fully ISO and CSC certified foldable container, the 4FOLD.


The 4FOLD Foldable Container has been used on all modalities with different shipping lines all over the world.


The European Union included the 4FOLD foldable container in the Horizon 2020 research and innovation program. As a result of this endorsement from the European Union and the corresponding financial injection, HCI has a production line that allows mass production of 4FOLD on a large scale.


HCI starts collaborations between shipping lines and shippers to use the foldable containers on a dedicated route in order to bring efficiency and reduce emissions.

our partners

HCI has a range of partners all over the world to exploit the full potential of the 4FOLD Foldable Container in Europe, Asia, Australia and other parts of the world.

Tu delft

4FOLD is a product of HCI, Holland Container Innovation. The company is a spin-off from the Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands.

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ACL is our respected partner in Hong Kong and China. ACL was founded by Alex Chung who built an extensive network in the shipping industry all over Asia. Mr. Chung is supported by a strong and experienced team in the company.

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STR Logistics is our respected partner in the Benelux. STR is a Dutch forwarder and delivers transport per road, ship and rail. Furthermore, they also provide storage facilities and fully support foldable containers.

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FPCA is our respected partner in Australia & New Zealand who handles Sales & Marketing of the 4FOLD containers in Australia. Flat Pack Containers Australia (FPCA) is an integrated logistics organisation with well-developed networks within shipping lines and landside logistic operations. 

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Dong Fang International Container

Dong Fang International Container, belonging to COSCO group, is the second largest container manufacturer group in the world. DFIC manufactures high quality 4FOLD foldable containers in the PRC using HCI’s proprietary technical know-how and Intellectual Property.

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Box2Build is our trusted partner in engineering and production of the 4FOLD container. 

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Meet our Key players



I come from the telecoms industry where innovations are launched very often. In the maritime industry the pace is slower. A sea container looks roughly the same as 60 years ago. When I first saw the 4FOLD, I knew that this innovation has the power to change logistics forever. For me this challenge motivated me to join 4FOLD and try to make the world a little more sustainable. 4FOLD is not the only solution against greenhouse gasses and global warming, but I see it as the beginning of a spectrum of many more sustainable innovations to come.

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founder and shareholder

When I started HCI in 2008, there was no doubt carriers needed the solution of foldable containers, the problems of empty container transport were huge. Nowadays these problems are even bigger and people are more aware of the global warming and the fact we have to act right now. 4FOLD helps to reduce emissions and the inefficiency in the complete logistics chain.

More carriers focus on specific geographies and niche trades, while shippers start getting more control on assets and equipment supply. This will lead to closed loop for equipment with more limited coverage and focus on sustainability, 4FOLD fits perfectly in this strategy.

My dream is when children draw a container in 2040, they will draw a foldable container instead of the boxes we are using at the moment.

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Engineering box2build

If an idea is so simple to explain, it must be great and a potential game changer. My challenge lies in shaping this great idea into a product that will change container transport forever, relieving the world of a small portion of harmful emissions. 

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Production box2build

Both the technical challenges and the pioneering field work we do in order to make the 4FOLD succeed are big drivers for me. We contribute to a more efficient and thus sustainable logistic process. It’s very exciting to see the scale to which this can be applied to.

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