The new Green deal, IMO 2050, Climate neutrality by 2050. A lot of talk about long term innovations, but little action. CO₂ gas emissions are expected to grow. We need sustainable innovations to stop this trend. And we need it now.

Believing that the simplest ideas make the greatest impact, we at 4FOLD introduce new shipping efficiency that saves space, time, money and our planet. In our case a foldable shipping container that creates extra room on vessels, trucks, trains, terminals and depots. By simply folding it in a fast, safe and easy way to a quarter of its volume. A smart piece of Dutch engineering that will help destroy empty transport miles worldwide.

Imagine the impact this could have on our planet if all big shippers and shipping lines would unite. Therefore, we call all decision makers worldwide to take responsibility. Let’s shift perspectives and attack the hundreds of Megatons of Greenhouse gas that is wasted by transport every year.

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