4FOLD Foldable Containers gearing up for mass production

Holland Container Innovations (HCI) has selected the Dong Fang International Container Group for the production of the 4FOLD Foldable Container.

Shipping lines and shippers are using 4FOLD because of its cost savings and CO₂ savings on imbalanced tracks. Currently, HCI is closing orders for bigger quantities of containers with them.

Angela Wang, Managing Director of Dong Fang International Container Hong Kong: “We are pleased to have signed an agreement with HCI for the production of the 4FOLD. Our Special container lines and our experienced engineering team are well equipped to produce this special type of containers.”

Hans Broekhuis, CEO of HCI: “With Dong Fang, HCI secured production capacity for large volumes of 4FOLD containers to meet the growing demand of shipping lines and shippers. Dong Fang, one of the market leaders in Special Container production, is ultimately equipped to build the 4FOLD and is able to scale-up to the quantities that we need to serve our customers.”

The growing interest in the 4FOLD is the result of HCI changing its business model, whereby HCI forms a long-term cooperation with the shipping line and the shipper. The shipper enjoys the CO₂ savings and the shipping line can save costs on terminal handling, container repositioning and storage because the 4FOLD can be folded to 25% of its size once empty, in this way 4 becomes 1.

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